Sies Frauenfelder Welcome to Hair Around Nature!
I carve antler hair sticks, forks, pins, combs, barrettes, clips, earrings and necklaces. Other materials I use are stones, gemstones, wood, glass, teeth, shells, bones, claws, horn and so much more!
Animal materials are cruelty free.

Sustainable crafting
◌ Cruelty free
◌ Recycled materials
◌ 100% Produced with green energy
◌ Finish of natural vegetable oils, waxes and/or organic grapeseed oil
◌ Unbleached paper and/or recycled packaging


“Admire the animal world. Their worldly life and hereafter.”

The beginning of Hair Around Nature started in June 2011 with my interest in very long hair. I started looking for beautiful updo’s with striking hair accessories.
In 2012 I carved my own hair accessories because I could not find the extraordinary hair accessory I was looking for. I made my own ones with my collection of animal bones, claws and other. They where found during vacations and walks. After a few months I made too much accessories to wear by myself… Hair Around Nature was born!
I stopped carving and selling on Etsy in 2015 due to moving twice and the birth of my second child. Life got way to hectic and I had to focus all my energy on my family. I am so happy that I got back to antler carving in January 2018 and reopend my Etsy shop 2 months later!

I live with my other half, toddler, baby and cat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Even my cat contribute to Hair Around Nature with her shed whiskers…
We have a small apartment in this crazy busy city. We love to go back to nature by walks through forests and heath. We eat organic and vegan and try to lower our ecological footprint as much as we can.
This also means that I mostly use recycled, upcycled and organic products for my Hair Around Nature products.
The animal parts are found by me or others. I always make sure that the animals were not harmed!
Contact me if you have any questions or like to have a customized accessory. Al my accessories are one of a kind because nature is never the same!

Warm wishes!

– By Sies Frauenfelder